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Brookfield Connecticut

County: Fairfield
Population: 16,000
Area: 19.8 square miles
Government: Board of Selectman / Town Meeting
Distance to Major Cities:
Hartford: 42 miles
Boston: 136 miles
New York City: 63 miles

Brookfield is one of the fastest growing communities in the Greater New Milford Area.  Notwithstanding its progressive development in recent years, the town has remarkably managed to maintain its small town, friendliness and rural character.  Much of Brookfield’s quality of life is attributable to the varying styles of homes, convenience and abundance shopping facilities, along with its wealth of natural resources, not the least of which is Lake Candlewood.


Before the English settled the area, it was inhabited by the Pootatuck Indians, members of the Algonquin Federation. In the 18th century the community was called "Newbury," a name that came from the three towns from which its land was taken – New Milford, Newtown, and Danbury.  A thriving community for most of its history, Brookfield had stagecoach stops, railroad stations, taverns, hotels, mills, factories, farms and shops.  The land that comprises the geographical area of Brookfield belonged to the towns of Danbury, Newtown and New Milford.  In 1754 the parish of Newbury was incorporated by decree of the General Assembly with boundaries and areas similar to those of the town as it is today.  In 1788 the Parish of Newbury was incorporated as the town of Brookfield, so named for the first pastor of the Congregational Church, the Rev. Thomas Brooks.  The community is rich in history and historical homes, some dating back to Colonial times.  The state’s only completely wooden school, the Center Elementary School, is found here.

Brookfield’s Federal Road area has been rapidly developing with commercial outlets.  New shopping and professional buildings are continually adding to Brookfield’s popularity.  Additionally, the natural beauty of the town adds to Brookfield’s popularity.  Brookfield is bordered on the west by Candlewood Lake, on the east by Lake Lillinonah, and with the Still River running through it.

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